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The complete coordination of body, mind and spirit



Work on balance and coordination while improving posture and core strength. Increases ability to maintain equilibrium during daily activities.


TRX Suspension Trainers provide world-class training for everyone, regardless of their fitness level.


Includes flexibility exercises to improve range of motion, strengthen your muscles for better natural movement, posture, and breathing.

Stott barre

Ballet barre based workouts that tone and shape your body, working the small supportive muscles throughout your body, using isometric exercise. 

bodycombat- boxing

high energy martial arts. body combat is great for burning calories and fat, also helps relieve stress and great for co-ordination.

Pilates Training

Physical fitness comprises of flexibility (range of motion of the joints), strength (the body’s ability to produce force), and cardiovascular endurance (the body’s ability to use oxygen efficiently during exercise). Being physically fit involves incorporating the above within an exercise program that effectively increases metabolic rate, supports weight maintenance, and elevates mood. Your exercise program is specific to you, and will combine the following:

Exclusive zoom classes

cardio barre, pilates fusion, body combat boxing and private sessions.

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